Smart. Exciting. Original.

“Ken Kuhlken writes about characters most authors wouldn’t touch.” author Raymond Carver

“Elegant, eloquent, and elegiac, Kuhlken’s novels sing an old melody, at the same time haunting and beautiful.” novelist Don Winslow


Ken Kuhlken has been around forever, yet too few readers know him. Because he is unique, a novelist who declines to fit into a predefined niche, he is a marketer’s nightmare.

Since he is a fan of great literature, his work aims in that direction. His novels have been labelled mystery, suspense, noir, and literary. His characters may read, think, or act so oddly, readers might catch them attempting the impossible, loving so well it hurts, or even going to church.

In short, Ken is incomparable. And his creation Tom Hickey is “one of detective fiction’s most original and intriguing creations.”  San Francisco Chronicle​