The Barbato Prophecy

Years ago my friend John Barbato, a poet, painter, musician and hippie prophet, gave me some startling good news.

John had spent considerable time in southern Mexico and partaken of and studied the native cultures, particular that of the Yucatan Maya. He’d become especially wise about teachings concerning Kukulkan.

Kukulkan (The Plumed Serpent) is the Mayan god of creation, symbol of perspective and vision, messenger of knowledge, and bringer of culture and change.

He is known as “Quetzalcoatl” to the Azteca; “Long” to many Chinese cultures, and “Tatsu” to the Japanese.

Following the turn of the great cycle, which occurs at the end of the Mayan calendar, Kukulkan will assume control of the world, either in the physical or spiritual realm, or both.

John’s big news: he sensed my name, Kuhlken, was a Germanic or Bohemian misspelling of Kukulkan. And of all Kuhlkens in the world (not many), he assured me, I was the Kukulkan, ruler of the next age.

As the Mayan calendar ends in 13 days, on December 21, 2012, I suggest that reasonable people will immerse themselves in the world-view of he who symbolizes perspective and vision, who is the messenger of knowledge and bringer of culture and change. In return, I pledge to look kindly upon my readers and friends.

The immersion can begin at, from which books can be purchased and short stories downloaded at no charge. Please pass along this rare and priceless opportunity.

Skeptics may choose to verify John’s Barbato’s Kukulkan prophecy by contacting him through his page at



  1. Kukulkan is the giver of perspective and vision, messenger of knowledge, and bringer of culture and change. I intend to work hard on those chores and leave the rest to a far greater God.

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