Don’t Worry, Be Happy

About ten days ago, I gave notice in a post entitled The Barbato Prophecy that after December 21, 2012, I would rule the world.

No doubt most readers either believed my claim was facetious, or I’m crazy, or both.

So today, at the conclusion of the Mayan calendar, I mean to clarify.

Long ago, John Barbato prophesied that Ken Kuhlken is an alias for Kukulkan, and that I am the current incarnation of Kukulkan, the Plumed Serpent, the creative force, arbiter of perspective and vision, messenger of knowledge and deliverer  of renewed culture and all manner of positive change.

The Bible, in First Thessalonians 2o and 21 advises, “Do not treat prophecies with contempt but test them all; hold on to what is good…”

Now, it could be argued that Biblical truth should not be conflated with Mayan beliefs. I prefer to dismiss that argument, as it’s clear to me and to many theologians that although Christ delivered the revelation that saved us and set us free, truth can also be found in other doctrines and faiths.

So I choose to conflate my essential Christian faith with Mayan prophecy as interpreted by John Barbato. Though I have no intention of ruling by dictate or coercion or of considering myself a real God,  I accept the position as Kukulkan and as such will offer perspective, vision, and whatever good knowledge comes my way.

No facetiousness intended.

My first declaration: the world doesn’t end tomorrow.

Or, I’m crazy.

Stay tuned.



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