Hopping Along

My novelist friend Matt Coyle invited me to join a blog hop, so here goes me answering a few questions:

What am I working on now?

Well, I just finished a draft of The Gas Crisis, a rather weird story I first wrote so long ago I won’t give the details for fear readers will suppose that by now I must be suffering from senile dementia. It’s about a baseball pitcher and the mission a strange woman gives him to kill somebody for reasons that only make sense when you consider the time is the late 1960s. Intrigued, go here and read a capsule version of the whole story.

How is my work different from others in its genre?

What genre? The thing is, I got shuffled into the mystery genre because I entered and won a contest with a novel I didn’t think of as any particular genre. However, lately I have defined or maybe invented a genre called Beat Noir, into which I think my work fits pretty well. You could read about Beat Noir by following the link. It’s on this blog, in a post entitled Brand Yourself.

Why do I write what I do?

Just the other day I posted on this blog an answer to that question. The post is called Living as a Writer (2) What I Don’t Wish.

How does my writing process work?

I try to write daily but when I do, other parts of my life swiftly fall into disrepair, so what I do is write daily as long as I can get away with it then spend however long it takes to repair the broken parts, then once again write daily (except on weekends when I’m usually consumed with my Zoe’s softball).

My writing daily routine is, about nine a.m., over the third cup of coffee, I revise what I wrote yesterday, and by the time I finish that I’m as in the zone as I’ll get and then I write until I get mighty hungry and then I quit for the day and eat a late lunch, then I read a little and Zoe comes home from school, and whatever needs doing, I do, often Zoe’s softball.

Now, I’m going to ask my friend Alex Karola, who’s got plenty interesting stuff to say and write, to hop along. When she will post, I haven’t a clue. Soon, I hope.


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