Alan Russell’s New One

You might call me a fan of Alan Russell, since I’ve read all of his books and I’ll probably continue to read each new one as it comes out. His novels are certainly entertaining, intriguing and credible in plot. They feature characters I can believe and either cheer for or swear at. But most of all, what makes me welcome his new releases is that he seems compelled to stretch the common boundaries of the mystery genre.

All Mr. Russell’s books allow for humor even in the darkest times, which is, at least in my experience, more like-life than other authors appear to recognize. And, particular in his latest, Guardians of the Night, he admits that not all mysteries can be solved by even the most gifted and diligent detective.

Though Mr. Russell offers plenty of wit and wisdom, he’s willing to admit he doesn’t know it all, which make him a rare and valuable author.