Cal-exit vs. Cal-utopia

When I began to read of a movement to secede California from the United States, I considered the idea somewhat worthy, being rather concerned about mental health of our nation.

But then, I am such an American at heart, if we seceded I might move to Arizona. So my counterproposal is that we should remain with these United States and should use the prosperity of our state to create a California utopia. If other states follow our lead, all the better.

Most admittedly, I am a dreamer. I have no claim to being practical or deeply analytical. What I have to offer are ideas, in this case principles based upon observations.

So I am considering a run for a seat in the California State Assembly, with a platform based upon the following principles:

1. Everyone in our state should have access to education through at least a four-year college degree or vocational program without going into debt.

2, Everyone in California must be equipped with free or affordable health insurance.

3. Our state should no longer suffer from outrageous vehicle traffic. Nor should anyone be absolutely dependent upon driving. (Read about the tragic election of 1926

4. No one in California should, except for egregious criminal or anti-social activity, be removed from his or her family through deportation.

5. Every worker in the state should receive a living wage.

6. No Californian should be without shelter or sustenance. Though we may not be able to afford mansions or feast for everyone, we can provide at minimum a roof to sleep under, walls to keep out the wind, and a nourishing meal at least twice a day.

By now you may ask, who is this strange fellow with the big dreams.

Well, my background includes the following.

• California native, second generation.

• Father of three, two grown and working in education, one attending Helix High School.

• Over fifty years living in Assembly District 79.

• As a writer, I have published over a dozen novels set in California and based on research into our state’s history, as well as dozens of feature articles in the San Diego Reader.

• As an educator I am associate professor emeritus in the California State University system and a founder of Perelandra College.

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