The Virtue of a Real Creator

Here are some lines excerpted from Friedrich Nietzsche’s, Thus Spake Zarathustra, on the working of the heart, mind, spirit, and soul of a true creator. If you are or would be that, take them to heart, please.

XXII, The Bestowing Virtue

In truth I divine you well, my disciples; you strive like me for the bestowing virtue. What should you have in common with cats and wolves?

It is your thirst to become sacrifices and gifts yourselves: and therefore you thirst to accumulate all riches in your soul.

Insatiably strives your soul for treasures and jewels, because your virtue is insatiable in desiring to bestow.

You constrain all things to flow towards you and into you, so that they shall flow back again out of your fountain as the gifts of your love

Then elevated is your soul. and raised up; with delight, it enraptures the spirit; so that it becomes creator, and valuer, and lover, and everything’s benefactor.

When your heart overflows broad and full like the river, a blessing and a danger to the lowlanders: there is the origin of your virtue.



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