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Big Oil

December 13, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 1

In the wake of Mr. Trump’s choice for Chief of the EPA and Secretary of State, here’s a plea from a Cal-utopian. But first, a […]

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Novels Change Us

November 9, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 1

David Brooks of the New York Times wrote an editorial about racism and classism and what might be done to counter those attitudes. He commented: […]

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September 2, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 0

In a radio interview I heard Merle Streep say she was lucky because she knew pretty much how good she was or wasn’t at different […]

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Less is More, Right?

June 6, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 2

Last week I fielded some interview questions, one of which was “What are you working on now?” That question threw me. Because it depended upon […]

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Read Dennis Lynds

June 6, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 0

Here’s a quote I appreciate for obvious reasons: In a New York Times opinion piece about racism and classism and what might be done to […]

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The Ripley Series

April 23, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 0

I love series books. Reading a masterful series, I get to follow characters as they grow, or at least learn more about them in each […]