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In My Dreams

September 15, 2014 Ken Kuhlken 1

A popular writer, Philip Yancey, told me he rarely works on his books while at his home in a city. Instead, he goes alone to […]

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August 27, 2014 Ken Kuhlken 1

When I attended the program in writing at the University of Iowa, my first prof was John Irving. Early on he gave us this assessment […]

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The Amazon Game

July 22, 2014 Ken Kuhlken 0

The logic:  I suppose, no matter what game we choose to play, common sense advises that we play by the rules. These days, the bookselling […]

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Hopping Along

June 17, 2014 Ken Kuhlken 0

My novelist friend Matt Coyle invited me to join a blog hop, so here goes me answering a few questions: What am I working on […]

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Brand Yourself

April 10, 2014 Ken Kuhlken 1

The National Endowment for the Arts gave the Oceanside, California library a stack of money to promote the literary genre called noir. A gracious librarian […]