EPIC 1ST (END POVERTY IN CALIFORNIA FIRST) is a call for California to show the way to a happier world, beginning with a revival of principles promoted by novelist Upton Sinclair during his 1934 campaign for Governor.

Not only was the nation suffering from the Great_Depression, but a legion of Dust Bowl refugees were arriving and calling California home. The EPIC movement — which proposed establishing an alternate economic system outside the mainstream to give the unemployed both work and the fruits of their labor — was only defeated because the media, as pawns of business interests, labeled Sinclair a socialist and worse.

Time has come for an EPIC revival. 

EPIC FIRST has no particular socialist, capitalist, elitist, or populist agenda. It simply proposes dedication to the principle that everyone, beginning with Californians, should be accorded the following rights:

  • Free or affordable health insurance.
  • Shelter and sustenance. At minimum a roof to sleep under, walls to keep out the wind, and a nourishing meal at least twice a day.
  • A living wage for all workers..
  • Freedom from deportation that will divide families, except for egregious criminal activity.
  • Efficient public transportation.
  • Access to education through at least a four-year college degree or vocational program without going into debt.

Over the past eighty-some years, the media has become less inclined to cower at the behest of big business. Meanwhile, we Californians have gained the voting power, the ability to communicate, and the wisdom to establish the above principles as non-negotiable civil rights.

Thereafter, as history proves, what happens in California doesn’t stay in California.