Pull Up a Chair

This web site is a swell place to hang out.

I mean, you’ll find gripping stories, insightful articles, special deals on books,  . . . hang around here long enough, something’s bound to change your life, maybe even for the better.

On Agents is meant to save beginning writers lots of time and possibly grief.

The Whole Story might be called a confessional, as it details how I (Ken, in case you forgot) got as a writer from there to here.

Then and On Earth is a feature originally published in the San Diego Reader, a rather dark tale about Jim Thompson, perhaps the most noir writer of all.

The Secret: A Gift From Mother Teresa is an article I wrote for the San Diego Reader after being touched by a miracle.

Old Man, New Baby, another San Diego Reader article, is a testimony to my kids, written shortly after my extraordinary Zoe entered our world.