Jodi McGee, narrator of the Answer to Everything, has a seventeen-year-old daughter, a husband in prison, and a deep affection for Clifford Hickey, a San Diego journalist. When Clifford’s brother Alvaro assists in the murder of a Tijuana drug cartel gunman, Jodi and her daughter, along with the Hickey family: Tom, a retired detective, both sons and teenaged grandkids,  Tommy and Feliz —  become targets of the cartel. 

The story features  captivating portraits of characters young, older, and old. The drama that unfolds delivers revealing history, insights into the nature of evil and the systemic connections between crime and government here and abroad. Readers can’t help but find it engrossing, memorable, and true to the lofty promise of its title.

​​​​​​​“Elegant, eloquent, and elegiac, Kuhlken’s novels sing an old melody, at the same time haunting and beautiful.” Novelist Don Winslow


The Answer to Everything