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Starting Over

April 4, 2015 Ken Kuhlken 0

In case the writers among you might find a process valuable, I’ll confess that after writing and diligently revising fourteen novels, half of them published, […]

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Newport Ave

March 14, 2015 Ken Kuhlken 0

I stumbled upon an Amazon contest and thought, what the heck, I could use a few quick bucks and the name recognition Amazon can provide […]

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The Amazon Game

July 22, 2014 Ken Kuhlken 0

The logic:  I suppose, no matter what game we choose to play, common sense advises that we play by the rules. These days, the bookselling […]

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Grades, Phooey

May 15, 2013 Ken Kuhlken 0

Okay, Amazon invites me to review a book I recently purchased. Sure, I enjoyed the book, and appreciated the author’s craft, and would be delighted […]