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September 2, 2016 Ken Kuhlken 0

In a radio interview I heard Merle Streep say she was lucky because she knew pretty much how good she was or wasn’t at different […]

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Please Read

April 30, 2015 Ken Kuhlken 0

Over lots of years teaching creative writing, a few times I have lamented that I didn’t choose another profession. Real estate? Long haul trucking? One […]

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My Reading List

January 2, 2015 Ken Kuhlken 1

Franz Kafka responded to a comment from a fellow named Oskar who apparently commended reading that makes us happy: “I think we ought to read […]

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Priorities v. Mess

November 1, 2012 Ken Kuhlken 0

Since my life as a writer has not entirely been the contemplative, creative wonderland I envisioned, the generous part of me feels urged to offer […]