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I’m a fan of Macdonald and Lew Archer because the writing is literary quality, the characters and rendered in ways that can help us understand why some become bad guys and some don’t.  A reviewer commented “Macdonald doesn’t write about crime, he writes about sin.” Here’s a worthy article.

Please shop around for the books if you have time. However, if you follow any of the links below, Perelandra College should get a tiny kickback that will help save students from poverty or debt.

The Moving Target, 1949
paperback   kindle   audio

The Drowning Pool, 1950
paperback   kindle   audio

The Way Some People Die, 1951

The Ivory Grin, 1952
paperback   kindle   audio

Find a Victim, 1954
paperback   kindle   audio

The Barbarous Coast, 1956
paperback   kindle   audio

The Doomsters, 1958
hardcover   paperback   kindle

The Galton Case, 1959
paperback   kindle

The Wycherly Woman, 1961
paperback   kindle

The Zebra-Striped Hearse, 1962
paperback   kindle

The Chill, 1963
paperback   kindle   audio

The Far Side of the Dollar, 1965
hardcover   paperback   kindle

Black Money, 1966
hardcover   kindle   audio

The Instant Enemy, 1968
hardcover   paperback   kindle

The Goodbye Look, 1969
paperback   kindle

The Underground Man, 1971
paperback  kindle

Sleeping Beauty, 1973
paperback   kindle   audio

The Blue Hammer, 1976
paperback   kindle   audio

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