Smart. Exciting. Original.

“Ken Kuhlken writes about characters most authors wouldn’t touch.” author Raymond Carver

“Elegant, eloquent, and elegiac, Kuhlken’s novels sing an old melody, at the same time haunting and beautiful.” novelist Don Winslow


At long last, the Hickey family crime series is complete. Beginning with Tom’s first investigation at age twenty-one and continuing over ten books until his eighty-fifth year.

The novels are riveting stories of crime, heroics, and sacrificial love that also offer a vivid and panoramic vision of California as it transforms from a frontier to the most influential place on earth.

“Tom Hickey is one of detective fiction’s most original and intriguing creations.”  San Francisco Chronicle​

Readers who accompany Tom and his extraordinary family on their adventures enrich their knowledge of America and the dark and bright recesses of the human heart.