The Loud Adios

A Private Eye Writers America Best First P.I. Novel​

“The story takes on an almost unbearable intensity, not in its mayhem but in its human beings and concerns.” ~ Chico California News and Reviews

In 1943, Private Investigator Tom Hickey, now a military policeman assigned to the San Diego/Tijuana border, accompanies Private Clifford Rose to a Tijuana nightclub where Clifford claims they will find his sister Wendy.

Wendy, dancing naked on the stage, appears so lost and innocent, Tom agrees to help rescue her from the men her brother claims kidnapped the girl.

​Her captors, Tom discovers, are led by a German occultist and financed by the powerful del Monte family. He comes to believe they are plotting a coup whose purpose is to give the Nazis a base from which to attack San Diego, home of the world’s largest military/industrial presence.

After Tom learns he’s considered AWOL and his attempts to alert the military of the danger are treated as nonsense, he declares a war of his own.